We are proud to anounce that on our very first inspection after opening  have deemed the nursery to be OUTSTANDING.

Here are some of the words the inspector wrote on our report

The provider and leaders are highly committed to creating early years provision that
offers exceptional learning and development opportunities for all children. They actively
seek out innovative good practice, nationally and internationally, in their drive for
excellence. Staff use this knowledge to create a highly stimulating environment.

Partnerships with parents are particularly effective. Staff use a range of creative
methods to help engage parents in their children’s care and learning. Parents comment
favourably about the nursery and how their children benefit from the excellent range of

Staff are excellent role models. They help children to understand the importance of
using good manners and to show care, respect and tolerance towards each other.

Children who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities are supported
extremely well. Staff work closely with other professionals. They act on the advice
given to them to provide additional activities to enhance children’s learning.

Children thrive during the time they spend in this superb setting. They immediately
settle into their play in the highly engaging environment.

A highly effective key-person system strongly supports children’s emotional well-being.
Staff form trusting and meaningful relationships with children. Children feel safe,
secure and are extremely confident in their care.

Children have excellent opportunities to explore resources and extend their own play.
For example, babies excitedly explore differing textures or look at photographs of
themselves, their families and others. Older children use a very wide range of material
and media to support their play.

Systems for self-evaluation are extremely robust and highly effective. The views of
parents, children and staff help the provider to successfully identify areas of strength or
areas where improvement is needed.

Staff are highly responsive to children’s ideas and interests. They spontaneously adapt
activities to reflect their individual stage of development and interests.


Our Full report can be found here.