Stephanie Bennett is the Director of Love 2 Learn Nursery and the Co-founder of The Curiosity Approach.

Bringing Awe and wonder to Early Years

If you work or spend any time with young children, you will be quite aware that Curiosity in young children is a natural innate drive. Young children are constantly asking questions,

Why is the sky blue?

Why does the washing machine go round?

Their drive for answers in relentless and they are continually in search to discover explore, solve problems and stretch their learning to ever reaching parameters

Their little minds every inquisitive, ever searching for answers to a million new and wondrous discovery’s in the world around them.


As adults we may have sadly become oblivious to the awe and wonder in the world, the beauty that surrounds us daily, our lives have become so hectic, so busy and rushed we forget to slow down and take time to notice the magic that is all around.

The rainbow in an oily puddle or the beauty of butterfly. The feel of raindrops on your tongue.

To ensure our little children remain curious and inquisitive about the natural world, as adults, we need to regain our own feelings of wonder and awe. To slow down and revisit feeling from our youth. Gain back our own excitement at making discoveries, to nurture our children and join them on this magical journey of curiosity awe and wonder.


How can we do this? I believe the main thing to do is to play with young children, relax and regain our own childhood skills that we believe have been lost.  Shake off those negative messages that have been laid down over time, those sub modalities that subconsciously prevent us from playing freely or making us feel self-conscious and insecure.

Allow ourselves to explore, be adventurous, have the confidence to give things ago- even if we feel nervous or uncertain. Take a leaf out of these children’s books – live life to the full and see the pleasure and enjoyment in everything we do.

Spend time outdoors, wrap up warm and look for the beauty in the world around us. Open our eyes, become a student of nature. Make discoveries and see the magic and beauty which surrounds us in this beautiful and amazing world.  Once we start to see the awe and wonder in nature we will be able to share our findings with young children. To share the excitement and enrich conversations and extend learning to a higher level.

Responding – As adults – we do not need to be experts in the subject of the natural world, all we need is to ensure we share in the magic and delight. Be responsive, with time and patience.  Together we can be researchers to investigate and discover further. As adults don’t be afraid to say “ I don’t know, but we could go and find out”  Showing children how to go and search for answers will ensure they become captains of their won learning.

Helping to scaffold their learning and make further discoveries about a topic of interest.

At Love 2 Learn Nursery Curiosity awe and wonder are part of our ethos

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