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Proud to announce we have been awarded OUTSTANDING by Ofsted

We are proud to anounce that on our very first inspection after opening  have deemed the nursery to be OUTSTANDING. Here are some of the words the inspector wrote on our report The provider and leaders are highly committed to creating early years provision that offers exceptional learning and development opportunities for all children. They actively seek out innovative good practice, nationally and internationally, in their drive for excellence. Staff use this knowledge to create a highly stimulating environment. Partnerships with parents are particularly effective. Staff use a range of creative methods to help engage parents in their children’s care and learning. Parents comment favourably about the nursery and how their children benefit from the excellent range of experiences. Staff… Read More

Love 2 learn Nursery is founder of The Curiosity Approach

Stephanie Bennett is the Director of Love 2 Learn Nursery and the Co-founder of The Curiosity Approach. Bringing Awe and wonder to Early Years If you work or spend any time with young children, you will be quite aware that Curiosity in young children is a natural innate drive. Young children are constantly asking questions, Why is the sky blue? Why does the washing machine go round? Their drive for answers in relentless and they are continually in search to discover explore, solve problems and stretch their learning to ever reaching parameters Their little minds every inquisitive, ever searching for answers to a million new and wondrous discovery’s in the world around them.   As adults we may have sadly become… Read More