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Stephanie Bennett - Managing Director

Sharon Skerritt - Office Manager

Stacey Woolmer - Nursery Manager

Ellie Morton - Baby Room Leader

My name is Bryony and I am based in baby room. I have my level 3 diploma in childcare, and I am proud to work here at Love2learn. I love to help create and provide a safe place for children to relax, express themselves freely, and feel comfortable and confident when doing so. I also work as a teaching assistant at my dance school where I have taken over 30 dancing exams, including my pre associate freestyle teaching exam. I am now looking to work towards completing my freestyle associate teaching qualification. I also enjoy going with my dad and grandad to watch the Leicester Tigers play rugby.

Bryony Storey - Baby Room

Jasmine Buttery - Baby Room

Anjulee Patel - Baby Room

Sophie King - House Keeper and Baby Room support

Melissa Walsh - Preschool Room Leader

Katy Derry - Preschool

Jenny Parker - Preschool

Cameron Messiah - Preschool

Siobhan McLoughlin - Toddler Floor

Rebecca Ledwith - Toddler Floor Leader

Kaylin Best - Toddler Floor

Sarah Woolaston - Toddler Floor

Karon Herbert - House Chef

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Groups and Age Ranges

Baby room

The baby room offers a calm tranquil play space for children to explore and discover. We happily take babies from 6 weeks of age and ensure they are loved and cared for by caring and qualified staff.
There is nothing more we love at this nursery is so see babies happy and settled and our team work hard to ensure we help you the parents and carers feel confident to leave your precious baby in our care.

We also strive to give you the care, attention and reassurance you need when leaving your little one for the first time. Your baby requires you to be happy and confident and this, in turn, will ensure a smooth and stressfree transition period. At love 2 Learn our main priority is the happiness of you and your baby. Your little one will be nurtured and cuddled when things get a little bit overwhelming or they are just so tired from all the wonderful interactions and stimulation at the nursery. Our baby room is an exquisite extension of home and not a watered down version of school. We ensure our baby room is full of opportunities for baby to investigate and explore, to crawl and toddle to.

Through informative chats and settling in sessions, we gain a firm understanding of your baby and their needs and routine. We are led by baby, with regards sleep patterns and feeding. This is a nursery where the individual needs of each baby are met.

Outdoor play is essential even at this young age and our babies have their own specially designed play space outdoors, where they can crawl and investigate. In summer months we create an oasis of cool tranquillity by providing a Bedouin tent which shields them from bright sunshine and harmful rays. Children under the watchful supervision of our qualified team have the opportunity to sleep outdoors in comfy baby nests, sleeping peacefully with a gentle breeze and wonderful fresh air.

Babies at our nursery are seen as incredible little learners, who are loved and nurtured to ensure they thrive and develop. Our baby room is a haven of loveliness and I highly recommend you view the nursery. This is a feeling you gain when entering the room, that cannot be portrayed effectively in words.


The toddler room is a hive of activity, with opportunity for our little investigators to explore and discover.
We never set a specific age in which children move into toddlers and are always led by the child's own developmental stage. Every child is utterly unique and progress following their own individual learning style or schema.
Toddlers is the room where little characters and friendships are formed, where children are developing skills of confidence and independence. Speech and language is nurtured and extended through the use of songs, stories and rhymes. Children love to be curious and inquisitive, exploring the vast array of activities on offer.
Our dedicated team will discuss with you any help you require with regards potty training or sleep routines.

Once again, outdoor play is of paramount importance in our nursery and children spend extended periods of time outdoors, exploring and pottering about in the sand, mud kitchen or under our specially constructed outdoor atelier. Active hands-on learning is a huge part of our day and children will inevitably need several changes of clothes and appropriate outdoor clothing.

This nursery is about getting children back to how we used to play as little ones. Whether this is splashing in puddles, making mud pies or digging in the sand. Our children are encouraged and taught the beauty of nature, to appreciate the simple things in life and to respect the natural world.
our aim is to create the thinkers and doers of the future, educating children for life and not just to meet target and pass tests. We strive to enable our children them to take informed risks and to negotiate challenges. To develop physical skills to allow them to balance and coordinate. To develop holistically as a healthy happy child who is given endless opportunities to learn and develop through fun and play.

Pre School

Even though we call this the preschool room, this is where we teach children LIFE readiness skills. This is isn't about getting our children to conform or to meet set criteria or standards. Our aim in the pre-school room is to nurture our children to develop holistically following The Early Years Foundation Stage.

To develop independence and confidence, self-help skills and friendships. To be able to share and take turns with friends. To develop skills of empathy and kindness, love and compassion for their friends and others they meet. To be able to listen and follow instructions. In our preschool room, our children are designers in their own learning, they are investigators in their own play. They are given the support of responsive staff who are experienced and qualified. A team who understands how to facilitate continual development through questioning and extending learning opportunities that will spark curiosity and a desire to learn more.
The preschool room is a magical place where pockets of awe and wonder are purposefully orchestrated, provoking critical thinking and imagination. The team set up invitations to learning which subconsciously entice a child to investigate and be curious. through The Curiosity Approach pedagogy, we aspire to inspire the thinkers and doers of the future. Providing children with the skills they require to reach their full potential.
Early Years is the most crucial years of a child's life 75 % of their brains are developed before the age of 5. At Love 2 Learn Nursery, we are confident that our nursery, its team and our approach will set children up to be happy sociable and a love of learning. Creating memories that last a lifetime.

These years pass by so quickly, together we can ensure their childhood is a memorable one .

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Our Nursery

The nursery is open from 7:30am - 6:00pm Monday to Friday
We are open 51 weeks of the year
The nursery closes one week at Christmas, all Bank Holidays and 2 staff training days

All invoices are annualised and divided into 12 equal payments

Full Day

A full day is between the hours of 7:30am and 6:00pm

A full day includes all breakfast, lunch and tea with snacks, parents need to supply nappies, wipes, cream and formula milk.

Price for a full day is £56.00 per day

Part Day

A part Day is between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm
Lunch is included in the price and snacks
Once again parents are asked to provide nappies, wipes, cream and formula milk

Price for a Part day is £44.00 per day